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      "All right," said the Lieutenant in charge of the herd, when the circumstances were explained to him. "Free passes over my road to Chattanooga are barred. Everybody has to work his way. But I'll see that you get there, if Joe Wheeler's cavalry don't interfere. We are going over in the dark to avoid them. You can put your carpet-bag in that wagon there. Report to the Herd-Boss there."The next day they borrowed a saw from the Pioneers, cut out a hole for the door, and another for the fireplace. They made a frame for the door out of pieces of cracker-boxes, and hung up their bit of canvas for a door. They filled up the spaces be tween the logs with pieces of wood, and then daubed clay on until they had the walls tight. They gathered up stones and built a commodious fireplace, daubing it all over with clay, until it was wind and water tight.

      "How much farther is it to Murfreesboro'?"

      "Never mind where I learned," answered Shorty. "I learned enough to git away with any English man that ever chawed roast beef."TRYING TO LICK A BATCH OF RECRUITS INTO SHAPE.

      And they proceeded to get themselves some supper, accompanying the work of denunciations of the Commissary for the kind of rations he was drawing for the regiment, and of the Orderly-Sergeant for his letting the other Orderlies eucher him out of the company's fair share.



      "Your head's level this time, as it generally is. We'll git something that's worth while comin' after."


      "Very good. I've brought some men to take them away. We need them very badly. Who are these men?""Where's the regiment, Sile?" asked the Lieutenant.